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Patrick Geryl ~ Time Monk Radio Network Presents ~ February 26th, 2011

Discussion in 'Time Monk Radio Interviews' started by Time Monk, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Time Monk
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    Time Monk The Beginning is Near

    Time Monk Radio Network Presents:
    Patrick Geryl

    The next installment of, The Time Monk Radio Network Interviews will be an interview with Mr. Patrick Geryl. We have yet to set a date and time but we are tentatively looking at Friday the 18th of February. Jules has graciously accepted the duties of MC again (he better get used to it, lol) and we will use the same format of the Round Table Discussion. In case you are not too familier with him,​
    you can visit his website here

    Again, we invite you to submit your questions for submission to Mr. Geryl.​
    We will not be able to ask them all but we will do our best to get as​
    many of them incorporated as possible.​

    We know you will enjoy it, so be sure to have plenty of strong coffee and​
    good pie on hand so you don't miss any of it.​

    We have a Date and Time confirmation from Mr. Geryl.
    We will be Interviewing Mr. Geryl at 5 a.m. E.S.T. Saturday February 26th, 2011.​

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