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John Lamb Lash ~ Time Monk Radio Network Presents ~ April 2nd, 2011

Discussion in 'Time Monk Radio Interviews' started by Time Monk, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Time Monk
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    Time Monk The Beginning is Near

    Time Monk Radio Network Presents:
    John Lash
    Saturday , April 2nd, 2011 2pm EST

    John Lash will join us for another installment of,​
    to be Interviewed on Saturday, April 2nd @ 2 pm EST​
    Jules will be your Master of Ceremonies
    The Round Table Discussion format will be employed.​
    You can visit John's site here
    "The unexamined belief is not worth holding."
    Again, we invite you to submit your questions for submission to Mr. Lash​
    We might not be able to ask them all but we will do our best to get as​
    many of them incorporated as possible.​
    We know you will enjoy it, so be sure to have plenty of strong coffee and​
    good pie on hand so you don't miss any of it.​
    I will warn you now there is some profanity. Also, there is the potential for some of our more religious members to take offense at some of John's musings, should you feel you might have an issue with this, I suggest you bypass it entirely. Let me state though, that you should be open minded enough to consider others opinions, after all...... that is what we are all about.

    The Chiken and the Bus
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