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Bix Weir ~ Time Monk Radio Network Presents ~ December 10th, 2011

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    Time Monk The Beginning is Near

    Time Monk Radio Network
    Bix Weir
    Saturday, Dec 10th, 2011 4pm EST
    Bix Weir will join us for another installment of,
    The Time Monk Radio Network Interviews he has agreed
    to be Interviewed on Saturady Dec 10 @ 4pm EST
    Bix Weir.jpg
    "May the Road you choose be the Right Road"​
    Bix will be joining us to do an in depth interview about the current state​
    of the gold and silver markets as well as the Road to Roota Theory​
    You can visit Bix's site here

    Here is something from The Road to Roota – written by Bix Weir:​
    "It was January 2007 when I first discovered the information released by the Federal Reserve Bank, Boston that changed my understanding of the gold & silver markets, the financial markets, the energy markets, the monetary system as well as the true essence of my country, the United States of America. My understanding of the way the world worked was blown to bits and replaced with a more unified theory on all things monetary... all things that lead us down The Road to Roota otherwise known as the Road to the Gold Standard.
    The Road to Roota Theory postulates that there is a group of people in the United States as well as around the world that are working to remove and destroy the financial banking powers that have secretly controlled all aspects of our lives for hundreds of years. The original idea of this group sprang from the mind of Alan Greenspan and involved rigging markets with computer programs that he had invented in the 1960's. ...
    As we read the papers today the events are unfolding before us. The real question now is what will happen in the future? Will we be cast into a deep and dark depression with no hope for future generations or will we survive and even thrive as we make this transition? We are on the cusp of something truly momentous in the history of the human race. With the full transition there is no need to lose the free markets system. Truthfully, a true "Free Market" system has never been given the chance it deserves with all the market rigging of the past 100 years."
    Bix Weir provides his bio as follows: "He is a freelance author and analyst dedicated to exposing the long term manipulation of the gold and silver markets. He has worked closely with the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee helping to pull the curtain away from the Cabal of International Bankers that have taken control of our free market system."​
    You can listen to our previous TMRN interview with Bix Weir from June 17, 2011​
    Again, we invite you to submit your questions for submission to Bix Weir​
    We might not be able to ask them all but we will do our best to get as​
    many of them incorporated as possible.​
    We know you will enjoy it, so be sure to have plenty of strong coffee and​
    good pie on hand so you don't miss any of it.​
    Please submit your questions by Sunday Dec 6th
    TMRN Interviews Present:
    Bix Weir
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